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Badaloun (SOLD)

Badaloun (SOLD)

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"Badaloun" is an abstract painting depicting the sea and beach of Badalona.  It captures the tranquility and beauty of this coastal town in the east of Spain. The colors of sand, blue, and green dominate the canvas.

The painting is divided into three distinct parts, with the sand colored section occupying the top portion of the painting. This section is painted with a textured effect, which gives the impression of sand dunes and beach waves.

Below this, the blue section of the painting dominates the center of the canvas, representing the vastness of the sea. The shades of blue give the impression of the sea in different lighting conditions, from the deep blue of the horizon to the lighter blue of the shallow water closer to shore.

The bottom section of the painting is painted in shades of green, representing the lush and vibrant nature surrounding the beach. Different shades of green and brushstrokes create an ethereal and delicate effect.

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