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Conversation with Rothko #3 (SOLD)

Conversation with Rothko #3 (SOLD)

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Conversation with Rothko #3 is a large scale abstract painting that explores the relationship between colours and emotions. The use of magenta and yellow creates a dynamic contrast that commands attention.

The painting is composed of 2 bands of colour, with the magenta dominating the lower section and the yellow taking up the upper section. The colours are not solid, but are instead blended together with subtle gradations that create a sense of depth and movement.

The overall effect is one of intense energy and vibrancy, with the magenta and yellow seeming to dance and swirl around each other. The painting evokes feeling of excitement and passion, as if the observer is caught up in a conversation with the great abstract painter Mark Rothko.

The size of the painting adds to its impact, with its sheer scale engulfing the viewer and inmersing them in the vivid hues of magenta and yellow.

"Conversation with Rothko" is a bold and captivating work of abstract art that reaches deep into the viewer's emotions and leaves a lasting impression.

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