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Conversation with Rothko #1 (Availabe in Europe & US)

Conversation with Rothko #1 (Availabe in Europe & US)

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The painting's title, "Conversation with Rothko," suggests a connection to the American abstract painter Mark Rothko, known for his large color field paintings, which often focused on the emotional power of color. In "Conversation with Rothko," the use of various blue shades creates a sense of calmness that is reminiscent of Rothko's work.

The painting is composed of various soft-edged shapes and forms that appear to be layered upon one another. Some sections almost appear as if they have been scraped away, revealing the layers underneath. The overall effect is one of depth, with the various shades of blue engaging in a conversation with one another, each contributing to a beautiful whole.

The painting is open to interpretation, but one could see a conversation taking place between the different shades of blue, as if they were engaged in a dialogue with one another. The use of color and composition in this painting creates a mood that invites further contemplation and reflection, much like the work of Mark Rothko himself.
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