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Mar Rojo (Only available in Australia)

Mar Rojo (Only available in Australia)

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The painting Mar Rojo (Red Sea) is a beautiful representation of a serene sea at dusk. The artist has brilliantly used a color scheme of red, white, yellow and pink to bring out the beauty of the sea during that time of the day.

The painting shows the sea in the backdrop, with the sky painted in hues of red and pink, and the clouds adding to the beauty of the scene. The sea is depicted using shades of white, with the waves creating a sense of movement and energy. The sun is shown setting on the horizon, painting the sky in a beautiful shade of yellow and orange.

The use of colors in the painting creates a sense of calmness and serenity, which is characteristic of a quiet evening by the sea. The painting captures the essence of the moment - the tranquillity of the sea at dusk, the calmness of the sky and the beauty of nature. Anyone who looks at this work of art would be compelled to pause and admire the sheer beauty of it all.
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