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Sea change (Only available in Australia)

Sea change (Only available in Australia)

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"Sea Change" is a mixed media abstract painting that incorporates various materials and textures to create a dynamic and visually stimulating composition. The color palette used in this painting is primarily comprised of brown, white, and grey tones, which blend together to create a subtle and soothing atmosphere.

The texture of the painting is rough and tactile, with layers of paint and other materials that create a sense of depth and complexity. The overall effect is reminiscent of the ocean, with its constantly changing hues and textures.

Surrounding the central form are various smaller shapes and lines, which appear to be in motion and shifting around the composition. These elements are created using a combination of brushstrokes, drips, and other techniques, which give the painting a sense of spontaneity and energy.

Overall, "Sea Change" is a captivating mixed media abstract painting that captures the essence of the ocean in its ever-changing and unpredictable nature.

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