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Underground (Only available in Australia)

Underground (Only available in Australia)

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The abstract painting called "Underground" features a striking combination of brown, black, white, and green hues, which together create a powerful and evocative image.

At the bottom of the painting, a deep shade of brown dominates, representing the earthy, subterranean quality of the title. This shape is overlaid with black and white brushstrokes that convey a sense of depth and texture, as if the viewer is peering into a dark and mysterious cavern.

A vibrant splash of green interrupts the otherwise muted color scheme, symbolizing the emergence of life and growth in the midst of darkness. The green shape is echoed in a smaller, more subtle form near the bottom of the painting, as if to suggest that even in the depths of the earth, there is always the potential for renewal and vitality.

Overall, "Underground" is a compelling and thought-provoking work of art that invites the viewer to explore the hidden depths of the natural world, and to contemplate the rich complexity that lies beneath the surface of things.

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